Best Way to Buy a Vacation Ownership

Travel and tourism is up and I envision the upward trend to continue. Family time and creating lasting memories is priceless, but how can families afford to take a family of four on vacation every year? Buying a vacation ownership that can be used worldwide does not have to be costly and you do not have to go through a long presentation. There are no gimmicks when you buy from owners directly and you receive the same great benefits.

Vacation Ownership purchased from Owners who are not utilizing their resort is the best way to purchase them. Once you purchase a vacation ownership you pay either an annual or bi-annual fee depending on the interval of usage you purchased. Maintenance fees range from $500 – $800 on average for a two bedroom unit. This makes vacation extremely reasonable for annual vacations, costing families on average $100 – $120 a night with a full kitchen, living area, and separate space for mom and dad to relax.

Do not be afraid to buy vacation ownership from existing owners at many of the resorts worldwide. Creating lasting memories with your family will last you a lifetime.

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Maximize your vacation ownership

If you are not able to use your resort and you want to make your vacation ownership pay for itself, rent out your week. Why pay maintenance fees and taxes and let your week go to waste when you can cover your maintenance fees and taxes? There are several legitimate companies out there that will advertise your week for you and you do not pay them commissions or broker fees. You must be very careful that you are going with a reputable company that actually will advertise for you and not just take your money and run.

If a company or individual is telling you that they have a renter or buyer sitting there and lined up, hang up the phone. Renting and selling takes time and a company must advertise through all avenues, not just on the internet.

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CheapOgetaway Resorts vs Hotels for Travel Executives

CheapOgetaway Resorts vs Hotels for Travel Executives

Timeshare has a key value proposition for businesses travel. Consider the expense of business travel only 2 weeks a year; assuming you only travel 2-weeks and stay in a hotel property and spend $3,000 each year. In just ten years, you will have spent $30,000, which is $10,000 more than the average cost of a timeshare! And that doesn’t even count the savings from eating some meals in your timeshare unit, rather than the 21 meals out in a week.
Not only do our owners report an 83% satisfaction rate1 but we hear repeatedly from happy owners who use their timeshare year after year, thanking themselves for the wise purchase that grants them the discipline of better travel planning.

If you compare a typical hotel stay to a timeshare, the hotel stay tends to cost more, between eating every meal out and the price of two or more rooms to accommodate an entire family, the value of a timeshare stay is unbeatable.

Today, there are 1,548 resorts in the U.S., with 8.1 million intervals owned. Timeshares, fractional’s and private residence clubs are also located in over 100 countries.

1Source: Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report – 2012 Edition, prepared by The Research Intelligence Group for the ARDA International Foundation. timeshare owners do have a choice

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Making Reservations Worldwide

The easiest and fastest way to make reservations is through the home resorts website, RCI, or II. When booking online you can immediately see what is available and receive confirmation.

Making your reservation in advance will also save you on the amount of points that you use and it will assure you that you receive the time you want.

Enjoy your vacations!!

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CheapOgetaway suggest we stay out of the kitchen and spend more time with your family this holiday!

CheapOgetaway suggest we stay out of the kitchen and spend more time with your family this holiday!

Stay out of the kitchen and spend more time with your family this holiday! If you are like me you spend most of your Thanksgiving and Christmas day in the kitchen. This year I decided to ban the kitchen from my holiday routine and spend more time with my kids and grandkids. It was a bit of a shock to our kids (now grown adults) but when we looked at the pros and cons, we all made a unanimous decision to ban the kitchen this year. We are going on the search for the best location for our holiday brunch and we want your help. Over the next two months we are going to be on the prawl for the best holiday brunch locations in Central Florida and we are going to keep you posted on our venture.

Do you have the perfect location for a holiday brunch?

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CheapOgetaway Top 5 Destinations for 2013

CheapOgetaway Top 5 Destinations for 2013

It is time for CheapOgetaway to choose our top five getaway destinations on for 2013. Find your perfect cheap vacation and design your own getaway packages that are just right for you. Regardless of your budget or number of traveling members, CheapOgetaway picks the best places for your getaway.

Vacations can be relaxing and inspiring without breaking your bank. Once you pick a destination, you can stretch your dollar and create lifelong memories. Have you ever found the perfect flight, but then you can’t find the perfect hotel in the package? You can reduce the cost and headache associated with booking your getaway by making reservations separately with CheapOgetaway. We have found that the cost of staying in a resort is drastically cheaper if you rent from existing owners. The cost for each resort can be broken down to the cost of staying in a Suite at a hotel, this is why we want to give you some inspiration with these top five resorts.

The Orlando area offers non-stop fun with first-class family attractions. This is why CheapOgetaway has made the first pick the Sheraton Vistana Resort located in Orlando, FL. Close to the Orange County Convention Center and the thrills of Florida theme parks; you’ll find golf and world-famous beaches within driving distance. This two bedroom suite can easily accommodate 6-8 comfortably. CheapOgetaway cost for a suite with kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms for a week is less than $67.00 night per person based on 6 people occupancy.

CheapOgetaway second choice is to discover the meaning of Aloha and stay at the breathtaking Ka’anapali Beach Club, located in Maui, Hawaii. Amazing sunsets await your arrival on Maui’s famous North Shore. Their beautiful accommodations feature spacious interiors, in-room refrigerators, and oversized tubs and separate showers in the bath. Relax poolside at the acre wide, lagoon style pool and enjoy outdoor cafés set amid tropical garden atriums and relaxing waterfalls. Couples can stay in this tropical paradise for less than $165.00 night per person when you rent from CheapOgetaway.

If you are looking for excitement and nightlife, CheapOgetaway chooses the Polo Towers Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Only one boulevard offers non-stop 24 hour action and excitement, and you can enjoy every extraordinary moment at Polo Towers in classic elegance and casual comfort. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, a Polo Towers getaway provides guests with resort style amenities and world class casinos, spas, shopping, entertainment and attractions within walking distance. Visit Paris, Venice, New York City and Rome in one exciting city. Caesar and the Forum to the canals of Venice is minutes of your inviting stay at Polo Towers. Our one bedroom unit for a week that sleeps four is less than $75.00 a night per person for a weeks stay from CheapOgetaway owners.

Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort is a premier oceanfront resort located in South Florida’s Pompano Beach and you can enjoy a week’s stay for less than a hotel. Enjoy this beautiful tropical paradise sun-bathing along Florida’s gold coast. This getaway resort has waterfalls, lush gardens, tiki huts and yes coconut bowling. Golf, tennis, spa treatments, fine dining, shopping extravaganzas and cheap sunset cruises are just some of the many recreational options you have to choose from with a Sea Gardens getaway. CheapOgetaway recommends that you go to nearby areas in Pompano Beach and find the perfect cheap getaway destination to jet ski, kayak, parasail, swim, snorkel, scuba dive in the clear blue waters, or enjoy one of the many other activities.

Now CheapOgetaway is heading to the Coral Reef Resort located at the Sunset Capitol of Florida, St. Pete Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. St Pete Beach offers a large variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment for visitors of all ages. The main attraction of course is the pristine white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and the romantic sunsets perfect for beach weddings. The resorts amenities include a 340,000-gallon free-form outdoor swimming pool, three spas, complete beach facilities, and shuffleboard courts. From this ideal Florida vacation spot, it is less than 90 minutes’ drive to the Orlando area attractions and Convention Center.

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Who associates work with vacationing? In a normal scenario, work is separated from vacationing. If you’re a business traveler, you may add a fun cheap trip or stay to the end of a business trip. We both understand this.

Now change your mindset for a moment and put on the shoes of a growing number of Americans, and don’t worry. This exercise has a good ending. This group of professionals was largely non-existent 10-to-20 years ago, especially compared to today’s ballooning number.

Who is this group? Professionals working from home. If you’re thinking of terms like “remote workforce”, you’re on the right track. With the explosion of the internet and increased online capabilities, companies are choosing to cut overhead expenses and grant employees greater flexibility simultaneously.

The result? A large segment of workforces in the West work directly from home via phone and personal computer. This is great news for adventurous travelers and vacationers alike!

Why? Because working from home offers newfound freedom. Most well-suited vacationers can travel to various destinations anywhere, but now remote workers can live just about anywhere.

If this is you, consider this: Take time to live in a few different regions over a three year period. Why not, after all? Based on your experience and opinions, you can settle down at one of your trial locales, or continue your mobile odyssey.

This reveals a glimpse of many vacation destinations. You discover which cities are worth returning to and which experiences deserve reliving. When you return to your favorite destinations, do yourself a favor and don’t worry about hotels. Research cheap getaways and renting from owners during your stay. This way, you have access to amenities that you’re accustomed to. Plus, if you enjoy your vacation, why not consider vacation ownership for future getaways? To begin your research, discover your options at and

Brainstorm for one more moment. Working from home can increase vacation time. Depending on the nature of your role, work extra hours to earn extra time off. Then use this earned vacation to take two shorter trips instead of one longer trip. Over time, you can visit 10 destinations versus 5 destinations over a period of only 5 years!

Plan ahead and make the most of your situation if you’re a work-from-home professional. You have flexibility, so enjoy it! Start your research now and pinpoint your best options for amenities and all-around good deals. To start, investigate and

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What family wouldn’t love to take a vacation in Orlando, the land of Mickey Mouse and Sea World? When you own at one of Orlando’s many resorts located near all the great amusement parks and beaches, you can take full advantage of all the fun that’s available to families in this great vacation spot.

You can expect to find lots of great vacations advertised in great locations, including Orlando. In fact, Orlando is one of the most popular areas of the country for vacation ownership, so there are usually plenty to choose from on the website.

When you buy from an owner you can expect to receive a great deal compared to the price of buying direct from the resort. In fact, resales often sell for as much as 80% less than from the resort presentation because there is so much overhead involved in starting up new properties.

You will find that there’s no hassle when you’re shopping for an all inclusive resort with all the amenities. There are no high-pressure sales pitches, in fact, there are no sales people at all. You are simply free to peruse the site at your leisure, and contact the seller when you have a question or want to make an offer. This allows sellers to sell their vacation ownership at some of the best prices available anywhere.

So, don’t give up hope owning at a resort in Orlando. When you review the locations, you’re sure to find a resort that you’ll love and that will work within your budget. Before you know it, your family will have their own special piece of the family playground that is Orlando.

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Point System

The point system allows you the opportunity to control your vacation from the time of year, destination and size of unit. Instead of having a fixed unit and week every year that you either use or loose, owning points gives you options. You can choose the location, size and number of nights and find out if you have enough points available. if you do have enough points, you simply make the reservation.

The easiest way to look at points is like cash. Every resort has their own points system and depending on the time of year, location, and size determines your points required. It’s easy to plan a short get-a-way and take the much needed break your deserve.

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How Do Your Choose A Luxury Resort When Travel With Kids

It’s a common misconception that traveling with kids means you cannot stay in luxury resort. While it is true that the industry standard is double occupancy, many resorts offer 1,2,and 3 bedrooms with a kitchen, living, dining area to best accommodate you and your travel companions. In order to choose the best room(s) at the best rate(s), we’ve come up with a few tips to help you plan your next travel excursion, and ensure an enjoyable trip with kids.
#1: Provide the resort with all your details including the number of kids and adults traveling with you.

#2: Ask the resort what amenities they offer on property and plan your events ahead of time. Most resorts have adult and kiddie pool areas, and a lot of resorts offer day cares so mom and dad can have the much needed time away.

#3: Be flexible, open, and willing to take advice and make adjustments as need be. Please be aware that all requests are simply requests only, and cannot be guaranteed until confirmed with the hotel.

We hope these tips ease the stress of planning your next trip with kids, and we wish you happy travels and a truly memorable experience!

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